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Four advantages of polyamory

When I first started talking about my HPV story in HYPOTHESIS, it was easy to get bogged down in the details of how...

How I practiced yoga: the ancient breathing and movement techniques. How I learned to avoid foods I was allergic to, how to take supplements for deficiencies, how to heal my cervix with a gel made from carnivorous plants! Ha! So many details! So easy to get fully engrossed with sharing these readily available, teachable, repeatable practices and make sure everybody knows they are out there as treatment options.

All that said, at the foundation, there is one thing I believe gave me the ability to rise-up to this problem: to be able to follow my own intuition in making treatment choices and commit to acting on them...

The love of my polyamorous partner.

As I explored polyamory and how to love someone in an open marriage,

I gained proficiency in many new relationship skills.

This definitely gave me an advantage in facing a problem like dealing with a STI that can lead to cancer.

Here are the top 4 advantages:

1. Practiced in communicating openly about sex

2. Insisting upon extreme honesty

3. Practiced in independent choice-making

4. Committed to making space for joy

You don’t have to be poly to become practiced in these ‘soft skills’ – they can benefit anyone, not only when facing tough choices but also in developing deeper relationships.

1. Sex positive

Being sex positive can mean a lot of things, but to me a big part of it means

I can talk about sex.

I can say words like cervix, STI, condom, multiple partners, orgasm, penetration, lubricant, etc. It sounds kind of funny, there is nothing improper about any of these words. But most of my adult life (the monogamous portion) these words were explicitly called out as not allowed. Respectable women don’t say these things – right? But in my alternative life style explorations and development of polyam