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How to shoo a urinary tract infection

After struggling for two years with a new urinary tract infection appearing every few months, my urologist suggested I take a daily dose of antibiotics, for forever. What? Really?

Wasn't I just told that the antibiotic that did work from me a couple years ago was now resistant? With a quick check of my labs easily available online - sure enough, back in 2015 my labs showed E.Coli (the most common UTI) was treated successfully with a sulfa antibiotic. Now, that doesn't work anymore. A 2018 culture shows a capital R next to that drug now. When would my options run out?

And having to deal with the inevitable yeast infection and digestive issues that come after the full course of antibiotics? Uggh.

So instead of taking my doc up on the suggestion of using a preventative antibiotic dose, I decided next time I felt something coming on, I would be prepared to experiment with some alternative treatments.

Turns out, the strongest risk factor for recurring UTI's is not neglecting to wipe front-to-back or falling asleep after sex before getting up to go pee. Just the simple pleasure of frequent sex is the strongest predictor of recurrent urinary tract infections.

Since I wasn't planning celibacy any time soon, avoidance of risk wasn't really an option on the table for me, so I continued looking for answers.

Below is a list of my findings. If any of these options options resonate with you - you owe it to yourself to take a little time looking into it more so you can best understand how you might use it as a preventative treatment in your own urinary tract healing experiment. If it doesn't feel like it's getting better in a few days check-in with your doctor.

Materials list for creating your own healing experiment.

  • Drinking Water - Flushing out what is irritating you is the ultimate goal. Some ancient practices suggest it be warm, and you drink while sitting (don't think on that too much, just go with it).

  • Bidet - Your anatomy is working against you on this problem. Staying clean is a great strategy. UPDATE: 12/18 - I have since convinced 3 friends to install bidets and got one for my Dad for Father's Day.

  • Probiotic - Good for gut health, good for urinary tract health too.

  • Cranberry or Blueberry Juice - I am allergic to cranberries, so my naturopath suggested 2 oz. of blueberry juice (100% juice) which works the same way. This is an every day preventative practice.

  • Turmeric tea - to reduce inflammation. Everyday before meditation time is my habit.

  • Ginger - yoga practices suggest drinking hot water with slices of ginger in it daily.

  • Garlic - natural antibiotic. I make a batch of my favorite garlic soup.

  • Natural antibiotic supplements - I found one I like - BioVegitarian.

  • D-Mannose - take as soon as the flare up begins. Often if I sense something is coming on, I can scare it away with 3 of these capsules and a large glass of water before bed.

  • Boric Acid - I am throwing this in, because sometimes bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections can create sensations like a a urinary tract issue and a couple nights of vaginal insertions can shoo those away.

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