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Join me in celebrating family by creating a conversation about adoption. 

Why would I want to make people uncomfortable like that?

Because truth is where love begins.

Difficult decisions that affect the development of a family should always come from a foundation of love and concern for the well-being of individuals.

In the words of my friend Natalie Serber, "When we expand our definitions of family, everyone is uplifted."  ~ Terrie

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Jules Fae is Terrie Novak’s debut novel. She is an adoptee and privileged to a rare abundance of love shared with her bio kids, adoptive parents, first mother, and biological siblings. Terrie lives in Portland, Oregon.


Jules Fae is a story of longing, perseverance and love.

A story of adoption and reunion, the beautiful novel traces how we survive the deepest cuts and what it means to make a family. Terrie Novak, with her insightful and intimate voice, reminds us that no feeling is final, and that the human heart is a powerful force for strength, resilience and generosity. She shows us that when we expand our definitions of family, everyone is uplifted.

- Natalie Serber, author of Shout Her Lovely Name

Adoptee written | Multiple point of view | 1960s | Female protagonist | Coerced relinquishment

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